Friday, June 1, 2007

Menomena & Grand Archives - Missing it

Oh for a longer vacation! While in Seattle last weekend I *kept seeing* the flyers for the Menomena and Grand Archives show tonight at Neumos and felt very blue indeed that I would miss it. Just listened to their in-studio on kexp and now feeling even more blue about the situation.

I already tried to convince Menomena to hit the Rocky Mountains again on this tour since I could not attend their Hi-Dive show this spring, but no dice. Drummer Danny did console me with kind words about our great state, even after eating at the Cheyenne Applebees.

And special note to Grand Archives: Please visit Wyoming and/or the greater Front Range and I will make you a home cooked dinner and rave about Carissa's Wierd, Band of Horses, Sera Cahoone and your new EP. I swear it.

Torn Blue Foam Couch from Grand Archives, courtesy of Spin.

And silly video, super song.

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CassK said...

Pics, review and setlist here... thx to Josh!