Saturday, June 16, 2007

Live Preview: Hot Chip

Get ready to dance and be corrupted by Hot Chip Sunday June 17th at the Gothic.

From the band's website:
Hilariously, The Guardian reports today that Hot Chip are being targeted by the Local Government Association as part of their "crackdown" on illegal raves and parties over the summer. The association warns that youngsters have grown tired of "mainstream" music and are turning to naughty, naughty bands such as Hot Chip to provide them with illicit thrills in forests and green fields all across the land. Apparently, we are using bleeding edge technology such as "mobile telephones" and something called "Myspace" to deceive the constabulary and covertly organize our Bacchinalian festivities.

If there are so many great illegal parties and festivals up and down the land, can we be invited to one please?

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