Monday, June 4, 2007

Cloud Cult @ Larimer Lounge 5-10-07

This concert review not quite a month late, oops.

I went into the Cloud Cult show not knowing what to expect and only somewhat familiar with the band's sound. The opening band did not bode well, a terrible mishmash of styles and no real presence.

That all went by the wayside when Cloud Cult took the stage with (I think) 7 band members, two of whom started painting on large canvasses during the music. A full sound and tight band, the strings sounded fantastic as did Craig Minowa's voice. I loved that CC made the Larimer Lounge seem big... I've never seen a band own that stage so well, what with the paintings and the smoke and the lasers and tons of instrumentation.

The crowd knew most of the songs but also consumed rather too much Miller High Life before the show, so their enthusiasm turned into asshole-ishness at times.

The band closed with my fave and everyone else's, Take Your Medicine [thx to mokb]. A fantastic performance, worth catching during Monolith for sure.

My photo of one of the stage paintings, this one by Scott West, it was auctioned off to benefit the earth or similar, did not come home with me:
On Stage Art

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