Sunday, September 7, 2008

Monolith Lineup Grids for you!

Red Rocks @ Monolith 2007
Map Monolith by time and stage... These will probably be all over the place soon, but we were impatient and made our own. You can print them and work on choosing your own Monolith adventures for Saturday and Sundays lineups. I hope you don't find too many conflicts! Right now I'm a bit concerned about a couple tight spots and wondering how fast I can run up and down those stairs, especially on Sunday night.


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Brett said...

Sunday night is troubling. I'm not sure how to deal with nearly simultaneous Band of Horses/Does It Offend You, Yeah?/Airborne Toxic Event. Port O'Brien vs. Foals is also problematic. Going to be a fun couple days either way, though.