Saturday, September 13, 2008

Cloud Cult, Monolith Pre-Party

A double dip of Cloud Cult for my team, although I was an old lady who only made it to one of two back-to-back shows in the Rocky Mountain Empire.

Every time I see this band, I stand in amazement at the quality of their stage show and wonder why they don't have more fans. To college students I say "these guys blow Jack Johnson away! Try some Cloud Cult!"

Opener "Transistor Radio" set the stage for their quiet side, followed by a blistering "Intro" and "Tornado Lessons" and a hint of the rock to come. They played the song I most wanted to hear last night, "Pretty Voice" and it delivered, although I was left wanting "Please Remain Calm".

Ghost themes ruled the night, with some great tracks from their latest album Feel Good Ghosts including my favorites "No One Said it Would Be Easy" and "Journey of the Featherless" as well as crowd fave "Everybody Here is a Cloud". They also dug back to the Aurora Borealis album with "Alone at a Party in a Ghost Town".

The set closed with "Take Your Medicine" and a three song encore of "Mr. Tambourine Man" (shades of the live at kexp cd), "Happy Hippo" (in a sweetly described rebellion against Baca's protestations from the May performances), and "Love You All".

Cloud Cult, 9-12-09

Cloud Cult, 9-12-09

Cloud Cult, 9-12-09
"Pork Pie" and "More Cowbell" delivering the art and the rock.

Cloud Cult, 9-12-09
"Mr. Tambourine Man"

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