Tuesday, January 29, 2008

The Replacements - I'm in love, what's that song?

Wow, I reminisce about my Minnesota youth for two seconds (that's my max) and all of a sudden this guy is talking about the Replacements on kexp. Take a moment to picture young me, braces on my teeth, my first concert ever, Paul W and the gang on the stage in their flannels, just about to break up, Minneapolis 1991.*

Two things stand out to me about today's kexp interview: a) the Replacements survive time in great shape without their mythology distorting their innate goodness and b) kids today aren't listening to the Mats.

Children of America! Listen to Bastards of Young!

Srsly, the newly remastered best of deserves your attention. Buy it.

As I'm writing this kexp plays September Gurls followed by Alex Chilton. The synergy that makes Replacements fans love Big Star is also what makes me love music. And the whole package made high school worth living.

*What, you want a setlist? The internet provides!
Minneapolis, Orpheum 02/06/91
(I Don't Know / I Will Dare / Achin' To Be / Bent Out of Shape / Merry Go Round / Satellite / Happy Town / Swingin' Party / One Wink at a Time / Waitress in the Sky / Skyway / When it Began / Someone Take the Wheel / Talent Show / Can't Hardly wait / (T-REX tune) / Kiss me on the Bus / If only you were Lonely / Asking Me Lies / I'll Be You/ Nobody / Within Your Reach / I.O.U.)

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