Monday, June 8, 2009

Neko Case @ the Ogden, 5-30-09

Neko Case Ogden 5-30-9
Neko Case sounded amazing as always, although maybe I've gotten a little spoiled by her past performances. I wanted more songs, a longer set, and (no fault of Neko's) a better crowd. Songs from the new album sounded great next to her older tunes, and I continue to love Kelly Hogan and her perfect vocal foil to Neko with all my heart.

Back to the fans... when the venue is not seated, and the show is sold out, please fans, make an effort to let people in. Try to make room, not enemies. Nobody wins when a few folks guard their personal space with rudeness while others are left with no option to fit in the theater. Security staff made matters worse instead of better, and left me wondering why 30,000 youngsters at the Sasquatch Festival could behave better than a thousand or so NPR- listening 40 year olds.

Denver, you can do better.


kingjumpsuit said...

Sounds similar to the Seattle show, except we were seated at the Paramount. Deep Red Bells always gives me goosebumps. I'm not sure where I want to see her take her show, but it may be time for something new.

julio said...

there's always those assholes that guard their space and get miffed when slightly bumped....