Thursday, July 10, 2008

Heart, Cheap Trick and Journey @ Fiddler's Green, 7/9/08

Wyoming Beat's trusty correspondent Nigel saw Cheap Trick, Heart and Journey at Fiddler's Green last night. Her email review this morning brought a smile to my face:
Subject line: Any Way You Want It

Concert was great fun.

Omg it was PACKED.

We could hardly find a place to sit. Tons of college-agers, as this retro music is very popular with them.

Mostly they make fun of it.

Cheap trick was great – yes, I actually like them.

They played my 3 favorite songs (their hits) which pleased me.

Heart was AWESOME. They are sooooo good.

Seriously. And should totally be the headliner.

Journey was up and down.

They played 4 too many “new” songs.

That sucked arse. Keep it to the hits, boys.

They actually played a couple of the oldy-oldies which made me and Tommy happy – the songs they made before the huge hits.

The guy is good. He for sure is a karaoke-winning Steve. BUT he is no Steve Perry. I repeat, he is no Steve Perry.

Steve is amazing. He hits unthinkable high notes and sustains them with this amazing Perry-specific vibrato.

New guy does not do that.

Now that I’ve established myself officially as a Journey geek...

Nigel, we love you and your Journey geekness!

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