Sunday, May 25, 2008

New Pornographers, Sasquatch 5/24/08

Neko Case! Dan Bejar! All the New Pornographers in attendance on the glorious mainstage at the Gorge. And they sounded fantastic. They played my favorite songs (Use It, Challengers, Testament to Youth in Verse). A truly transcendent version of the Bleeding Heart Show added it to my favorites - the female vocals were heavenly. The band ripped through an awesome cover of "Don't Bring Me Dooooooooooown, Bruce"!

I wish that more of the crowd was there for the NPs, it seemed to be a lot of M.I.A. fans waiting down front, with a few of us NP fans intermingled and freaking about what a great show we were witnessing.

New Pornographers, Sasquatch 5/24/08
New Pornographer, Sasquatch 5/24/08New Pornographers, Sasquatch 5/24/08


Kaijsa said...

I'm so jealous! I've only seen the New Pornographers once, and Neko Case wasn't there. Sounds like you're having a great festival!

tyler said...

I can't believe that most of the crowd just stood there during the whole set. I figured it would be borderline violent, but I danced my ass off anyway. One of the best performances of the entire festival. I don't suppose you've got the setlist?

CassK said...

I can't remember a setlist, anyone else?