Sunday, March 9, 2008

Clinton, Obama and OK Go

Maybe you heard -- it's been a busy week here in Laramie, WY.

First Bill Clinton came to town Thursday. I waited in line for 1.5 hours only to see the doors closed less than 20 people ahead of me. Then I took my influenza-ed body back home to bed. Reports on his speech = inspiring. All the old Bubba magic intact.

Cold, sick and no room at the rally.

The next night, Obama came to town. I stayed home with my Nyquil, but the rest of the gang ventured out and Kaijsa took pictures. Folks in attendance said that Obama was eloquent and gave good speech, but did not speak directly to Wyoming issues.

OK Go (yeah, the treadmill guys) postponed their already scheduled concert that night to follow the Obama rally, which members of the band attended. Their show was "pretty good" according to my team and a nice turn out for them at the UW Arts and Sciences Auditorium.
The next morning, with a fever not entirely born of excitement for the democratic process, we caucused with about 1,300 other county democrats. Truly an interesting day for Wyoming and we felt less lonely in our chosen party as we looked through the crowded civic center to see co-workers, mentors, professors, pillars of the community, all out to support their candidates. A great week to be in Laramie, flu or no flu.

And in case you did not hear, Obama won our county and the state.

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