Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Monolith -- Saturday pictures

Saturday at Monolith offered the best kind of festival experience. I got a chance to see a ton of awesome bands for the first time and in a beautiful venue to boot.

Red Rocks @ Monolith 2007
The skyline reminded my co-pilot of a joke from Tad during their Red Rocks show approximately one million years ago: "Joining us, on that precipice, Richie Sambora on lead guitar!"

The Laylights, Monolith 2007
We started the day with Denver band The Laylights. They sounded terrific and looked quite fashionable in their vests. The generous gents followed the show by bestowing free EPs to the audience.

Bob Log III, Monolith 2007
Having missed Bob Log III at Laramie's own Buckhorn Bar, we completely enjoyed his wayward banter and slippery guitar at Red Rocks.

Margot & the Nuclear So & So's, Monolith 2007
Margot & the Nuclear So & So's, Monolith 2007
After catching a short bit of the Little Ones' set, we watched Margot and the Nuclear So & So's on the main stage. What energy on the drums! And lovely songs for a sunny afternoon.

Brian Jonestown Massacre, Monolith 2007
Brian Jonestown Massacre delivered a predictable meltdown. Debate ensued about whether Anton brings more rock or schtick, but when they were playing and not tuning the band sounded tight and melodic.

Matt & Kim, Monolith 2007
I came into Matt & Kim's show cynical about all the SXSW reports of their unflappable enthusiasm. Guess what? It's all true! They proved themselves truly sweet, good-natured and all around adorable, thanking the universe for bringing them to "show heaven" at Red Rocks.

Art Brut, Monolith 2007
None of my photos adequately demonstrate the true intensity and delight of Art Brut's live performance. Again I doubted the hype, as the album did not rock my socks, but man oh man the live show! Please, if Art Brut plays near you, buy tickets. You will not regret seeing the funniest front man touring today.

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