Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Live Preview: Metric September 28th

Friday at the Bluebird, Emily Haines brings her band to Denver.

I like Metric, and heard good things about them live, but wasn't feeling the pull of this show until I read this review of their performance at Webster Hall this week:
The half-Canadian, half-American quartet have a few albums that, while good, suffer from filler. Live-wise, the filler becomes substance and the quality becomes the stuff of pure excellence. The band's 3 best songs - "Monster Hospital", "Combat Baby", and "Dead Disco" - shook the club. I mean it. The club literally shook. The crowd would have been dancing all performance long too if it wasn't for the hypnotic light show (it cannot be underplayed how perfect the lighting was) and the presence of Ms. Haines. To sum up Emily in a sentence: She's Madonna if Madonna was a talented musician.

Yikes! Those of you with no Friday night plans, get to the Bluebird! Need more convincing? Another loving review of the Webster Hall show here.

Of course, I'm hearing a lot of good about the Aliens at the Larimer Lounge that night, too. Let me know what you thought if you go, I'm curious!

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