Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Silversun Pickups Announce Denver Date

LA guitar heroes and 90s revivalists Silversun Pickups return to Denver for a show at the Ogden July 30th. I'll definitely be there, and if the crowd reacts anything like they did at the Hi-Dive this winter, it will be a high energy show indeed.

Silversun Pickups U.S. tour dates:
June 6, WFNX's Best Music Poll 2007 @ Lansdowne St / Boston, MA
June 8, KJEE's Seaside Beach Ball @ Ventura Country Fairgrounds / Ventura, CA
June 9, Live 105's BFD 07 @ Shoreline Amphitheatre / Mountain View, CA
June 10, KWOD’s Summer Buzz @ Sacramento Memorial Auditorium / Sacramento, CA
June 29, WLUM's Summerfest Stage / Milwaukee, WI
July 27, Capitol Hill Block Party / Seattle, WA
July 29, In The Venue / Salt Lake City, UT
July 30, Ogden Theatre / Denver, CO
August 1, Slowdown / Omaha, NE
August 3, Lollapalooza / Chicago, IL

And footage from last year's Block Party... I wonder if I can justify another Seattle trip in July. Gotta love the Block Party: small crowds, lots of beer. Also, watch for the one dancing guy in the video. Obviously not from Seattle ;-)

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Kaijsa said...

Let me know if you decide to go to the block party. I've looked into airfare for either that weekend or for Bumbershoot and it's pretty cheap, like $200. So, so tempting.