Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Miley Cyrus ruins my indie cred

You knew it would happen...

I went to see Miley Cyrus live. Jealous?

Let me be clear from the start: No Hannah Montana wig, no "Best of Both Worlds," just straight up Miley with 18,000 screaming fans in Phoenix, Arizona.

there were a few people there

Miley's brother Trace opened with his band Metro Station. Their music was execrable. This blogger was especially horrified to hear, in an introduction to their song Japanese Girls, "this song was written in Toke-ee-yo Japan, it's about Japanese Girls. This song is pretty much what electronic music is all about right now!" Really? Please don't tell the children that electronic music sounds like s&*tty rock/pop/country.

But of course Metro Station served their purpose: allowing the children to grow accustomed to the concert setting while the moms purchased more wine. Bless them.

Miley Cyrus took the stage via a giant Spinal Tap-esque pod (hers opened properly). All you indie fans out there, consider what kind of stage show a Wal-Mart/ Disney sponsorship can provide. Pods! 10 dancers! Flames! Costume changes! Flying motorcycles! Take a moment to think what the Flaming Lips could do with this budget. I'll wait...

Miley and her motorcycle

Girls Night Out

And now to Miley: girl can sing. No Ashley Simpson behavior here. She sang it for real, she sounded great, she jumped into the crowd, she connected. She communicated how much she really really wants you to work hard and believe in something and do things that are meaningful to you.

Fan favorites included Party in the USA, Girls Night, and the Hoedown. And of course, the sound of a billion 6 year olds singing along with encore The Climb will give you goosebumps (or make your hairs stand on end, same thing right?)


kingjumpsuit said...

Oh. My.

julio said...

She erased her Twitter account. What are we going to do now?