Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Elton John, Laramie, 4-4-2009

The Rocket Man visited wee little Laramie this weekend to the delight of thousands of fans in the Arena Auditorium.

The set up looked rather different than traditional events in the arena, namely graduations and basketball games:

Elton John, Laramie, 4-3-09

He opened with Your Song and proceed to play, just Sir Elton and the piano, for nearly three solid hours. He spoke movingly about Matthew Shepard and part of the playlist was less rocking and more sentimental. Even my cold crusty heart melted during Candle in the Wind, a song I formerly despised. Crowd favorites included Crocodile Rock and Benny and the Jets. I was delighted to hear Levon. The event raised over $550,000 for the Matthew Shepard Foundation and the crowded hotels and snowed in guests did wonders for the Laramie economy!

Elton John, Laramie, 4-3-09

[p.s. my pictures are so-so, check out Saranay's for better images!]

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kingjumpsuit said...

Glad to hear you liked candle in the wind. Were you able to restrain B from jumping on stage to sing along?