Friday, January 23, 2009

Blue Scholars Wyoming Union 1/21/09

Indie hip hop duo Blue Scholars visited the University of Wyoming this week. An enthusiastic crowd greeted them in Union Ballroom.

I love any band who can walk into a room that may or may not know their work and leave the crowd sweaty and wanting more. And I really love a group that can successfully transcend traditional Wyoming values and connect where it really matters. When Geologic asked who knew soldiers who'd served in Iraq, and brought on a chant of "bring 'em home," I knew he had reached the crowd.

It was a beautiful thing to see over 100 young Wyoming Cowboys swaying their hands along with lyrics like
It’s said talk is cheap, but war is expensive
I speak cuz it’s free and these words are my weapons
Don’t think for a second I will not question US foreign policy

Of course the night was not all political. We danced, we remembered the 80s, we enthused about MIA. And for the Pacific Northwestern transplants in the crowd, any and all references to The Ave, Campus Parkway, KEXP and the 71 busline brought forth a heavy dose of nostalgia and longing for the streets of Seattle.
Blue Scholars, Wyoming Union 1-21-09
Blue Scholars, Wyoming Union 1-21-09
Blue Scholars, Wyoming Union 1-21-09

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