Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Live Preview: David Bazan

Westword tells me that David Bazan (aka Pedro the Lion) is coming to the Hi-Dive Wednesday night.

Reading the article made me realize that we are all getting older:
"What I see now — I don't know what might emerge later, but as it stands now — it's about my wife and daughter, it's about drinking, and it's about does God exist? And the umbrella I think those are all under is a funny concept nowadays, but [it's] manhood, and, basically, am I a good man? — and what that means, and how do you measure that?"
And thinking about Pedro the Lion made me miss dear flooded Seattle, and Bumbershoot, and graduate school. Thanks for the memories Mr. Bazan. How about we all go out and support some PNW sound?

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