Thursday, August 19, 2010

Way Out West 2010: Swedish band wrap-up

Way Out West 2010
Way Out West in Gothenburg, predictably, showcased some pretty great Swedish bands. 

Miike Snow exceeded my expectations, partly due to crowd enthusiasm... although some teens told me the night before they weren't planning to see Snow because "he's Swedish, we can see him all the time, we want to see the other bands!"  My regret: not purchasing a Miike Snow t-shirt with the Swedish elk on it.

Miike Snow, Way Out West 2010

Shout Out Louds looked and sounded good and put on nice set.  Lykke Li, sadly, was not in full voice, so I abandoned her set part way through.  I do plan to try to see her again, as I think the lack of vocal power was anomalous. 

Lykke Li, Way Out West 2010

By far the biggest draw of the entire festival, Gothenburg native Hakan Hellstrom rallied the crowd of 25,000+ into a crazed singalong.  I swear that I was one of only ten people who did not know every word to his songs.  How to describe this Swedish singer in a sailor suit? Maybe a cross between Michael Franti and Wayne Newton?  Check the video below to get a better idea of his show.

As a bonus to my stay in Gothenburg, Jose Gonzalez played a free show early in the week at the local Culture Fest.  He sounded the best I've heard him, backed by the Gothenburg String Theory.

Jose Gonzales, Goteborg Culture Fest


CassK said...

Oh, and I forgot to mention The Radio Dept., another Swedish band with a charming shoegaze sound at WoW.

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